When did You get the idea for your Kid's book "Amelia the Flying Cat?"

About 5 years ago actually, I tried to make this book and didn't finish. 


How long did it take?

I picked it up again, I’d say about 2 years ago. It took me awhile to figure out how I wanted to run my little business, so I was caught up in learning self-publishing & online marketing as I created the story in those 2 years.


Did you design your characters?

Yes- all of my characters come from my mind, then I design them. And believe it or not, Amelia’s character started off as a bunny! I spent a LOT of time designing each and every character, many of which never ended up making an appearance in the book due to book length constraints.


Since I like to illustrate by hand, I was wondering what brand of pens and pencils do you use?

I use non-photo blue lead pencils for my underdrawing, then pencil to “tighten up” my sketch, then I ink overtop. This is a traditionally used method by cartoonists. I personally prefer brush pens to ink with, but there are many options. 


how do you get your finished picture onto your document?

I scan my artwork with a scanner. I have been using the industry standard Adobe programs for this, but I am currently on the search for something more affordable since prices are outrageous. ;)


What are some of the steps you took to publishing? I mean, did you work with a certain company, or are you self-published?

As for Amelia- I am self-publishing. It’s a VERY difficult process for a colored book, and I’ve studied as much as I could about the “how to” by searching the net, otherwise I’m learning as I go. Which is a major trial in itself. I highly suggest submitting a story “submission” to an established publisher first. It will take many tries, but is an easier path than what I choose, haha.


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