Watch me Paint a Woodland Animal Alphabet Series

Can I tell you a secret? I'm a children's book illustrator, but... I hardly have ANY experience with painting... So it scares the daylights out of me. THERE! I said it! *sobs*
Watercolor and gouache seem to be the media that dominates the majority of all children's books... How can I even call myself a children's book illustrator?!


That's exactly why I started this challenge for myself! I'll face my fear by: Painting all 26 letters for an woodland animal alphabet series.

Sure, I can draw like nobody's business. I've trained for years and years and YEARS on how to transform my imagination into lines on paper. I've learned from many amazing cartoonists, even Stan Sakai and Tom Lyle. Which is why I can also ink my artwork, no problem. 

Although- Sharpening my drawing and cartooning skills with such dedication is THE reason why using color is my weakness. Comics are black and white most of the time, after all! I DID easily use markers to color my first children's book, Amelia the Flying Cat, because the markers have brush tips similar to my inking brush pens.

...But painting?! That's my coloring weakness + painting inexperience, COMBINED!! Even so, whenever I look at watercolor or gouache paintings, my artsy little heart swoons. I look at it and think, "If only I could do that..." It's like my muse pulls me in that direction every time I see it. 


...Do you think 26 woodland animal alphabet Series paintings will be enough to give me the confidence to paint my next children's book?


Follow along to find out ;) I'm going to post every video, from A to Z, right here in this blog post. 

This way, you can see how my painting skills develop letter by letter! Because my journey to become an even better children's book illustrator and storyteller starts with facing my fear of painting. And it all starts with the letter "B"...

(Yup, episode 1 is "B", not the letter "A"... My bad, sorry.) Anyways!-

"B" is for Bear

Big brown bear in the branches with a bunch of blue birds.

Join me while I face my painting fears for the first time in this series! And there's a fun little side adventure to the zoo in Tampa Florida for some animal inspiration. Yay, drawing from life!


Coming up next: The letter A!

...Can you guess which animal it will be? 

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