80 Kickstarter Backers. 80 books donated to Bethany Adoption Services. A kid's book that is meant to fly.

The sweetest story of perseverance, getting back up when you fall, and finding your place in the world, Amelia the Cat is sure inspire young readers. I absolutely love Nikki’s adorable illustrations and beautiful story!
— Nicole of @lihinggummybearmama
Channing and I have read it over and over. Sweet Amelia is so cute and the illustrations are darling. It’s a great story about never giving up and I can’t recommend it enough. We think everyone needs it in their library.
— Tara of @modernmaven
Sometimes you meet someone really great on insta and then they write a book.... Congratulations on bringing a REALLY sweet story into the world. We love books with great messages around here!
— Anthea of @smashingkidreads
Dreaming the impossible, following through on a plan, resilience in the face of repeated failures, not to mention adoption. This book has a myriad of positive, and well-presented, themes that are inspiring for children of all ages.
— Douglas of @douglas_amongus
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Amelia's launching with a MEOW!

More than just a children's book, there'll be a Reading Collection of read-along guides, DIY book crafts, and activities! Make every read through a new experience, without any extra hassle.


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