Children’s Bookstore & Story Studio


Children's Books as comforting and fun as a cuddly critter friend.

Brave Little Fauna so cute and whimsical, you’ll want the books for yourself instead of your children.

All From One Illustrator determined to start a publishing company because she can’t stop creating children’s books.


An Artist on a mission to make Cute & Brave Animal Children's Books.

I'm Nikki Floreno, and I make children's books. I'm an author and illustrator, so I like to tell stories visually through my artwork. My creative muse has filled my mind with all sorts of animal and creature designs, and I want to get the Fauna out of my imagination and capture them on paper.

Let's face it, Aesop's Fables are WAY too old school. Fables & Fauna has a new modern approach to the term "Fables," animal stories with a moral lesson: to design fauna that experience real feelings that your kids are going through themselves, and to write stories will inspire instead of lecture, while being so fun to read that you'll BOTH reach for the same book again and again.

That's why I'm determined to start my own line of animal children's books here at Fables & Fauna, and turn this story studio into a children's book publishing company.

From My Studio, to Your Family's Hands.

When you purchase any children's book from Fables & Fauna, it will arrive from my studio, packaged by me, and sent with a homemade love and care, without missing out on any of the quality. Just like an artist treats her original paintings with.


Writing & Editing Team


Emmy Scott - Writer & Editor.

Douglas Humphries - Writer & Editor.


Meet the editors of our first children's book, Amelia the Flying Cat, Emmy Scott & Douglas Humphries! We all met from our passion for books and creativity through #createlounge, and have been destined to collaborate ever since. I'm happy to say that you're looking at the authors of the next two Fables & Fauna children's books! If you enjoy supernatural fantasy read Emmy's books, and if you like Christian memoir-style read Douglas's book or join his #createlounge chats on twitter for some creative inspiration.