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Children's Books with brave Fauna Friends and childlike heart for your little adventurers.

Storytime should feel like playtime! Go from frantic bookish mama maker to Storytime Pro with my DIYs, activity bundles, and more.

All Run by One Illustrator, created and shipped with the quality and care that an artist treats her originals paintings with.


I'm Nikki Floreno, and I make children's books.

I'm an author and illustrator, so I like to tell stories visually through my artwork. My mind is full of all sorts of animal and creature designs, and I want to get these Fauna out of my imagination and capture them on paper! I'm on a mission to share their stories as fun, brave, and heart-felt children's book adventures.

Shipped from My Studio, to Your Family's Hands.

When you purchase any children's book from Fables & Fauna, it will arrive from my studio, packaged by me, and sent with a homemade love and care, without missing out on any of the quality. Just like an artist treats her original paintings with.


Additional Writers & Editors


Emmy Scott - Writer & Editor. 

Editor of Amelia the Flying Cat

Author of supernatural fantasy books

Douglas Humphries - Writer & Editor.

Editor of Amelia the Flying Cat

Author of Christian memoirs